Stop–start capital since the Mongol Yuan dynasty, Beijing is one of China’s true ancient citadels. It is also an aspiring, confident and modern city that seems assured of its destiny to rule over China.

Highlights of GCC-China-2015

  • 100 high-profile speakers from 20 counties will present current research results including the most outstanding Chinese scientists;
  • 30 posters will be displayed to show the cutting-edge projects;
  • Scientific program combines with social events to let you integrate with Chinese academic resource;
  • Various itineraries of city tour give you a chance to relax and truly comprehend Chinese culture.

Conference Report - GCC-2015

PCS Global Cancer Conference-2015 (GCC-2015-China) with two parallel events, PCS International Lung Cancer Symposium and PCS International Prostate Cancer Symposium were held from 8 August to 9 August, 2015 in Beijing, China. There were near 100 delegates from more than 20 countries taking part in.

This year, we planned an exciting scientific program to explore the latest findings in public screening, early prognosis, basic research, surgical oncology, clinical treatment to encouraging international cooperation and improving network in Prostate Cancer and Lung Cancer research field.

The PCS 2nd International Lung Cancer Symposium (ILCS-2016) with a theme of “Early Detection, Life-Prolonging and Wellbeing Improvement” will be taking place in Budapest, Hungaryfrom 16 June to 17 April, 2016.
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The PCS 2nd International Prostate Cancer Symposium (IPCS-2016) will be taking place in Moscow, Russia from 6 June to 7 August, 2016. Hope all delegates will join us again and see you next year.
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You are welcomed to take part in these two Symposiums of PCS Global Cancer Conference-China which are taking place in Beijing, China from August 8th to 9th of 2015. The symposiums will provide a highly interactive platform for prostate cancer and lung cancer basic research, diagnosis, clinical management, surgical treatment etc.

Scientific Program

Call for Papers

For every speech includes 20-minute didactic presentation of selected abstract about scientific contribution under advanced results, basic and translational research, clinical practice by these topics listed on our scientific program. Experts in the field serve as discussant to place research findings into perspective.More…

Pre-conference Tour and Post Conference Tour

We have planned many tour routes for your reference before or after the conference. According to your schedule, you can enjoy one or two of our options. We also can personalize your tour route for your group or your family members if all existing tour schedule are not suitable for you.More…
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