Highlights of GCC-2018

  • Cancer Mechanism
  • Personal Medicine
  • Clinical Challenges and Therapeutic Strategies
  • Patient Care and Public Health
  • Novel Technologies and Industrialization
  • Regional, National and International Collaboration

Renowned Speakers

Dr. Mahin Khatami, Professor, Academic Decision Editor, BJMMR, Author and Editor, Inflammatory Diseases, National Cancer Institute, USA Dr. Chas Bountra, Professor of Translational Medicine; Chief Scientist, Structural Genomics Consortium Oxford, University of Oxford, UK
Dr. Michael Stark, President, The New European Surgical Academy (NESA), Germany Dr. Ralf Kleef, Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Hyperthermia and Immunotherapy, University of Vienna, Austria

Dr. Chiming Wei, President and Chairman, Chinese Alliance of Precision Medicine, China

Dr. Aleksander F. Sikorski, Professor, University of Wrocław, Poland

Dr. Pierre Vallois, Professor, Université de Lorraine InstitutElieCartan de Lorraine, France

Dr. Vladimir Jurisic, Professor, School of Medicine, University of Kragujevac, Serbia

Dr. Stefan Kempa, Research Group Leader, Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology, Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, Germany

Dr. AinhoaMielgoIza, Principal Investigator and Sir Henry Dale Fellow, Molecular and Clinical Cancer Medicine, University of Liverpool, UK

Dr. Sarah Crawford, Professor, Department of Biology, Academic Science Laboratory, AUTISM RESEARCH, Southern Connecticut State University, USA

Dr. SarkaKozakova, Head of Pharmacy Care, Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute, Czech Republic

Dr. Josie Todd, Consultant Oncoplastic Breast and General Surgeon, Department of Surgery, Canterbury District Health Board, New Zealand

Dr. Qingjuan Chen, Doctor, Department of Medical Oncology, Xian Yang Central Hospital, China

Dr. Sonali Bhattacharjee, Scientist, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA

Dr. Renata Dobrila-Dintinjana,Professor, UniversityRijeka, Croatia
2018 PCS 5th Annual Global Cancer Conference (GCC-2018) will be held in Lisbon, Portugal on 4-5 November, 2017 with the theme of "Bridging Basic Research and Clinical Practice". PCS GCC-2017 will emphasize its topics from Research Innovation to Clinical Management. The conference will provide a highly interactive platform for all experts from more than 30 countries worldwide.
Scientific Programme:

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