For the first year after you have confirmed your membership qualification, you won’t be required to pay any membership fee but you will be required the obligation to advise the conference topics setting and recommend high-profile speakers in your research area.

How to be a member with us
1. Anyone who has attended a PCS conference can apply for being a member with us
2. Sending your CV to with the subjected of “apply for membership”
3. To be confirmed as a member of us
4. To be given a member number for further using

1. You have the priority to get speech opportunities or session chair positions
2. Participation of three times within one year could get one complimentary of registration fee (exclusive of accommodation)
3. To be one of the SAB members of the conference on your research area
4. A free publication of you paper (1-2 pages) in conference proceedings or other scientific journals after evaluating
5. Other opportunities to join our social events