As the capital of the largest country on the planet, Moscow likes a mix of two worlds: Europe and Asia. The Red Square, The Kremlin, Orthodox Moscow and lots of Museums and Galleries are the places you must go.

Highlights of GPC-2016

  • 100 high-profile speakers from 30 counties
  • 100 attendees from Russia
  • 50 posters and exhibition displayed opportunities
  • 20 local academic institutions and medias involving integration
  • Scientific program combines with social and exploring events

Conference Report- GPC-2016 (Moscow, Russia)

PCS 2nd Annual Global Pain Conference (GPC-2016) was held in Moscow, Russia from August 6 to August 7, 2016.

A number of new topics were introduced as the highlight of GPC-2016. These included Pain Management and Clinical Practices, Basic Sciences and Research Breakthrough, Novel Therapy for Pain. Specifically, the conference programme addressed leading basic research approaches to clinical practice.

GPC-2016 attracted near 100 delegates from more than 20 countries to be involved in the scientific collaboration. The conference also helped bridge the multidisciplinary linkages within all delegates and between their research laboratories. These were achieved not only through conference proceedings, but also through good attendance at social events including welcome banquet, cultural activity and post-conference tour.

Next year, GPC-2017 will take place in Prague, Czech Republic on 5-6 August. We hope to see you again. For more information, please visit website at

You are welcomed to take part in the PCS 2nd Annual Global Pain Conference-2016 which is taking place in Moscow, Russia from August 6th to 7th of 2016. The conference will provide a highly interactive platform for pain basic research, clinical management, medical therapy,policy and research project collaboration etc.

Scientific Program

Call for Speakers, Session Chairs

Any scientists are welcomed to apply for speech opportunities under the scientific program, your preliminary speech title along with a short CV and session selection will be essential for further arrangement. Each speech is 15-20 minutes including an oral presentation and question time. We also leave few sessions and workshops for you with a new idea to create the topics which our program is not covered. New session initiate should be sent a proposal in advanced and you will be pointed out to be the session chair if it is approved. For speech opportunities and new session planning, please contact

Call for Papers

Academic journal will be cooperating with GPC-2016 and help with publication of the conference proceedings. All speakers and attendees have the equal opportunity to submit one page abstract or a paper within 3 pages. All papers should be structured as the template request. You can download our template on our website or ask it from

Pre-conference Tour and Post-conference Tour

We have planned existing itineraries for your booking. We also accept a tailored schedule for your group and family members. Various tour options including one day tour in Moscow and two days tour to St. Petersburg may be the money-valued choices.
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