PCS 3rd Annual Global Pain Conference (GPC-2017)PCS 3rd Annual Global Pain Conference (GPC-2017)PCS 3rd Annual Global Pain Conference (GPC-2017)

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, City of a Hundred Spires, a UNESCO monument and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Especially in Summer holidays, you will enjoy its unique architectures and landscapes.

Highlights of GPC-2017

  • 100 high-profile speakers from over 20 counties;
  • 50 posters capacity for your application;
  • Scientific programme combines with sightseeing to make your participation more enjoyable.

Conference Report - GPC-2017

PCS 3rd Global Pain Conference (GPC-2017) with the theme of “Overcome Challenges for Future Innovation” was held from 5 August to 6 August, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic. There were over 100 delegates from more than 20 countries taking part in this annual PCS joint event.

As the keynote speakers, Dr. Paola Sandroni, Professor, Department of Neurology, Practice Chair of Neurology, Chair of the Autonomic Division, Mayo Clinic, USA; Dr. Fred Nyberg, Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, Uppsala University, Sweden; Dr. Baoguo Wang, Vice President and Professor, Sanbo Brain Hospital, Capital Medical University, China; Dr. Giresh Kanji, Chairperson of the NZ Pain Foundation, Musculoskeletal Pain Specialist, The Sports and Pain Clinic, New Zealand; Dr. Michael Stark, Professor and President, The New European Surgical Academy, Scientist, Charite’s University Hospital, Germany, Scientific and Medical Consultant, ELSAN, France; Dr. Aleksandar Stefanovic, Professor, President of Association of Gynecologist and Obstetricians of Serbia, Montenegro and Republic Srpska, Chairman of Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics, University of Belgrade, Serbia with other 50 speakers presented at the GPC-2017. The highlights of speech topics were focusing on Pain Mechanisms, Drugs and Anaesthesia, Post-operative Pain, Chronic Pain, Acute Pain, Modern Challenges and Pain Control etc.

Various social events combining with scientific programme were arranged for enhancing technological innovation and network connection.

GPC-2017 Photo Album
We are pleased to announce that 2017 PCS 3rd Annual Global Pain Conference (GPC-2017) will take place from 5 August to 6 August, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic. As a highly interactive platform, GPC-2017 will focus its topics from Basic Research to Modern Clinic Challenges. We are confident that you will enjoy both our scientific programme and the romantic city-Prague.

Scientific Programme:

Call for Speakers, Abstracts, Posters, Session Chairs

Speech opportunities are available now for your application. Each speech will be controlled within 15 minute including the question time. Session chair positions open for individual application.

Every speaker is required to prepare abstract by using our template form. Final abstract should be submitted before the deadline approach. Late submission may cause your abstract or information to be removed from conference proceedings.

Posters display need apply in advance. Please note that the board number will be allocated randomly. Please print your poster as a size we required and paste it on board by yourself in the poster area.

For speech and session chair application, please contact: lindagpc@pcsconference.com

Pre-conference Tour and Post-conference Tour

We will arrange a free half day city tour in Prague for all delegates who are coming at an earlier time. The tour departs from conference hotel around 2pm on 4 August. We remind you that you might miss this group tour if your flight arriving at the airport after 12:30pm. Please arrange your schedule and air tickets according to the information above.

For post-conference tour to other places, please check here

Private tour could be arranged in accordance with your special requirement.

For more information, please contact: