PCS 4<sup>th</sup> Annual Health Care Congress-2019 (HCC-2019)PCS 4<sup>th</sup> Annual Health Care Congress-2019 (HCC-2019)

Highlights of Scientific Programme

  • Epidemic of Major Diseases
  • Global Health and Mental Health
  • Smart Healthcare and Novel Technologies
  • Policies and Framework of Global Health
  • Cancers Summit

We are pleasure to announce that the PCS 4th Annual Health Care Congress-2019 (HCC-2019) with its satellite: PCS 4th Annual Mental Health Forum (MHF-2019) and PCS Health Care Congress-2019 Global Cancer Summit (GCS) will be held in Marrakech, Morocco from April 27 to 28, 2019 with the theme of "Relieving Global Burden through Sciences ". The conference will emphasize on Risks of Major Diseases, Smart Healthcare, Mental Health and Health Care, Policies and Research Collaboration.

We look forward to meeting you in the magnificent red city, Marrakech, Morocco.

Call for Speakers, Session Chairs and Papers

Speech opportunities are available now for your application. Each speech will be controlled within 15-minute including the question time. Session chair positions open for individual application. 

Every speaker is required to prepare abstract by using our template form. Final abstract should be submitted before the deadline. Late submission may cause your abstract or information to be removed from conference proceedings. 

Posters display need apply in advance. Please note that the board number will be allocated randomly. Please print your poster as a size we required and paste it on board by yourself in the poster area. 

For speech and session chair application, please contact:
julia@pcsconference.com (HCC), maria@pcsconference.com (MHF) or sanniya@pcsconference.com (GCS)

Post-conference Tour

We have planned group tour for all delegates who having the first experience in this city. According to your schedule, you can enjoy one or two of our options. Personalized arrangement can be provided according to your specific requirement. About the tour, please click web page of conference tour
For more information, please contact:

julia@pcsconference.com (HCC), maria@pcsconference.com (MHF) or sanniya@pcsconference.com (GCS)